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Ehud, Judges 3

Judges 3:12-30, Ehud Defeats the Moabites.

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The events in the book of Judges are cyclical.  Between the return from Egypt and the selection of Saul as king, Israel had no central government.  During this time, the people of Israel repeatedly fell away from God, he punished them by letting them be oppressed by one of the Canaanite kingdoms, they repented and asked God for help, he sent a judge to free them, they behaved while the judge was living, the judge died, the people of Israel fell away from God....
We know most about Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson.

Judges 3:12-30, Ehud Defeats the Moabites. (3/22/10)

The stories in the book of Judges would make good action movies.  One of the judges we know something about is Ehud.  He is the only person in the Bible described as left-handed, probably because this is the only event where handedness is critical to the story.  You know - if you've ever been arrested, set off the metal detector in an airport, or watched television - that modern-day security people pat you down on both sides.  Apparently King Eglon's people only patted visitors down on the left, where right-handed people would carry their swords.  Left-handed Ehud carried his short sword on the right.  Presumably the next Moabite king changed the procedure.

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